Hetta Institute for International Development (HIID) is a USA-based professional educational corporation specializing in human capacity building. The Institute specializes in helping the mid and senior-level executives, particularly those from the developing countries, to upgrade their skills. HIID was founded in 2001 and registered with Arizona Corporation Commission, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The Institute is also registered with New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. HIID also partners with Center for Executive Training and International Development (CETID), a professional training provider registered and based in Manhattan, New York City, USA. Since 2001, HIID has provided short term training courses to hundreds of high-ranking government and corporate officials.

Course Description:

Organizations do from time to time want to recognize, promote, and reward diligent, loyal, and productive employees. The moral of the diligent employees is also boosted when it is recognized. One of the best and noncontroversial ways to find out deserving workers is by conducting performance appraisal. In this course, participants will be trained on how to conduct performance appraisal for his/her organization.

Course Content:

The course, “Performance Appraisal and Contracting Management as a Means of Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity in the Civil Service’ has some of the following key areas of learning:
  • Overview performance appraisal and contracting management in the Civil Service
  • Defining performance appraisal and contracting management
  • Why is staff appraisal significant?
  • What is the significance of contracting management?
  • Benefits of appraisal to the manager and the organization
  • Things to do before conducting staff performance appraisal
  • How to conduct effective staff appraisal and contracting management
  • Types of appraisal
  • Inputs and outputs of the appraisal procedures
  • Skills necessary for the appraisal to be successful
  • Setting up preparations for appraisal project
  • Types of appraisal interview questions
  • Challenges of staff appraisal and contracting management
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Computer training with a brand new laptop to go home
  • Field visits

Learning Outcome:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
  • Have a good understanding of the performance appraisal and contracting management in the Civil Service
  • Plan and conduct effective performance appraisal

Learning Methodology:

These training workshops will be very interactive. PowerPoint presentations will feature well in the workshops. Participants will spend much of their time on presentations, analyzing case studies, and doing group work and discussions.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for senior and mid-level professionals/civil servants including the head of departments, human resources officers, and any individuals who are interested in upgrading their skills in Government Performance Appraisal.

Course Duration:

2 weeks

Training Locations and Scheduled Dates:

Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Jersey City,  NJ, USA: Mar 16-27; Jun 15-26, 2022 Washington DC, USA: Feb 17-28, 2022

Course Materials:

Include PowerPoint presentation slides, carefully selected reading materials, exercises, case studies, reading references, and a laptop computer.

Course Fees:

The course fee is $4,850 USD for two weeks. The course fee covers the following: instruction, course materials, one brand new laptop computer to take home, administration expenses, field trips, cultural programs, and miscellaneous program-related expenses.

How to Register:

To participate in this course, the applicant must:
  • 8. Send a completed application form
  • 9. Have a bachelor’s degree/or have relevant work experience at senior management level
  • 10. Be nominated by the head of his/her department
  • 11. Be a senior member of the organization
  • 12. Demonstrate a devoted interest in the course
  • 13. Have proof of English proficiency
  • 14. Demonstrate proof of financial sponsorship for the course