Hetta Institute for International Development (HIID) is a USA –based professional training company, founded in 2001 and registered with Arizona Corporation Commission, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. HIID is a state-of-the-art facility...

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Our mission is to provide working staffs especially the civil servants and corporate personnel, and particularly those from the developing countries, with exciting learning and training environment , to share their experiences...

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Training Program

Hetta Institute for International Development provides short-human capacity training to the mid-level and senior management officials in the public, private and non-profit organizations, particularly those from the developing countries...

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Our Courses


We provide short training courses to the mid- and senior-level officers on how to enhance their professional development skills on sustainable development issues. Duration of most courses is from one to two weeks.

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Training Locations

Phoenix, Arizona

Jersey City, NJ

Washington, DC., USA.

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What Participants Will Benefit at the End of the Training

At the end of the training, course participants should be able to.

Who Should Attend?

The training program is intended for the middle and senior level executives in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors that have the responsibility.

Training Methodology

Our training methodology stresses practical methodology more than classroom lecturing. Most of our courses are organized in the form of workshops and seminar.

Training Locations

There are three training locations currently available in the United States including Phoenix, New York City and Washington DC.

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