Hetta Institute for International Development (HIID) is a USA-based professional educational corporation specializing in human capacity building. The Institute specializes in helping the mid and senior-level executives, particularly those from the developing countries, to upgrade their skills. HIID was founded in 2001 and registered with Arizona Corporation Commission, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Hetta Institute for International Development is also registered with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. HIID also partners with the Center for Executive Training and International Development (CETID), a professional training provider in sustainable development, registered and based in Manhattan, New York City, USA.  Since 2001, HIID has provided short term training courses to hundreds of high-ranking government and corporate officials.

Course Description:

A compliance audit is a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s observance of regulatory guidelines. Compliance government auditors are trained to ensure that employees or individuals comply with relevant compliance rules, laws, regulations, and policies designed to achieve specific organizational goals. Compliance auditors determine whether a process has followed applicable rules or not. If rules are not followed, the auditor determines the causes and recommends corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. For accountability and transparency, statistics show that demand for more improved compliance auditors’ skills is needed to implement the increasing number of established rules and regulatory policies within various government departments including healthcare, environmental, employment, government grant programs, insurance, education, pension’s benefits, government tax codes, etc. Finally, the training will show course participants the important role the government compliance auditing can play in helping to alleviate the increasing problems of corrupt practices in governance.

Course Learning Objectives:

This course is designed to enhance the skills and efficiency of government officials whose jobs are to make sure that employees, contractors, is individuals comply with the relevant rules and regulations in government.

Course Content:

The course is delivered in a workshop format and facilitated by seasoned professional instructors with practical experience. The course takes 2 weeks to complete. Key areas of study include the following:

Key areas of training for I and 2 weeks organized into the following modules:

  • Overview and expectations of the course
  • Understand the basic concepts
  • Compliance rules
  • The legal aspect
  • Regulations
  • Policies that all employees can comply
  • Fulfillment of organizational mission statements and objectives

Phases of Compliance Audit:

  • Identify phases of a performance and compliance audits
  • Planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Audit program design
  • Fieldwork
  • Documenting
  • Audit report writing
  • Risks and internal control assessments

Governmental accounting and reporting:

  • Identifying top accounting and auditing issues in the governmental statements
  • Assessing financial viability
  • Analyzing financial statements

Compliance Auditing in Organizational Structure:

  • Compliance with federal, state, and local government laws, and nonprofit organizations
  • An organization’s published “Standards of Conduct” guide
  • Concepts of Governmental accounting and reporting
  • Understand the characteristics of internal control over compliance
  • Role of the compliance officer, compliance committee, a governing body

Effective Compliance Communication and Reporting:

  • Analyze the nature of the “Finding” and the determine impacts
  • Using Pareto Analysis
  • Compliance investigation and corrective action plan
  • Role of budgets

Improving Your Skills on Conducting Effective audits:

  • Identifying some of the common frauds found in the governmental sector and how to improve your skills to detect and prevent them
  • Techniques for conducting an audit
  • Gain insights on how to manage the audit process including conducting effective audit meetings and providing effective audit reports
  • Identifying some of the common frauds found in governmental sector
  • How to improve your skills to detect and prevent them
  • Techniques for conducting an audit
  • Gain insights on how to manage the audit process including conducting Effective audit meetings and providing effective audit reports

Effective Audit Reporting:

  • Writing effective audit reports
  • Preparing government compliance auditing reports

Best Practices

  • Case studies
  • Exercises and group projects
  • Group presentations

Wrap Up

  • Course evaluation
  • Problem exercises
  • Case study
  • Computer training with a brand laptop to take home
  • End of the course

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
  • Have a good understanding of the role of government compliance auditing
  • Plan, design, and conduct effective compliance government audits

Learning Methodology:

These training workshops will be very interactive. PowerPoint presentations will feature well in the workshops. Participants will spend much of their time on presentations, analyzing case studies, and be doing group work and discussions.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for senior and mid-level professionals/civil servants including auditors, public accountants, attorneys, internal auditors, and any individuals who are interested in upgrading their skills in Government Compliance auditing.

Course Duration:

2 weeks

Training Locations and Scheduled Dates:

Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Jan 6-17, 2022 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA: Jan 6-17; Jun 15-26; Oct 19-30, 2022 Washington DC, USA:

Course Materials:

Include PowerPoint presentation slides, carefully selected reading materials, exercises, case studies, reading references, and a laptop computer.

Course Fees:

The course fee is $4,800 USD for 2 weeks. The course fee covers the following: instruction, course materials, one brand new laptop computer to take home, administration expenses, field trips, cultural programs, and miscellaneous program-related expenses.

How to Register:

To receive a letter of invitation and supporting documents, you must complete and forward the registration form to the training director as soon as possible. To participate in this course, the applicant must:
  • 1. Send a completed application form
  • 2. Have a bachelor’s degree/or have relevant work experience at senior management level
  • 3. Be nominated by the head of his/her department
  • 4. Be a senior member of the department/organization
  • 5. Demonstrate a devoted interest in the course
  • 6. Have proof of English proficiency
  • 7. Demonstrate proof of financial sponsorship of the course.