At the end of the training, course participants should be able to:

  • Identify, classify, and explain the 5 core elements of development management.
  • Explain the concepts of best practices in using different models and techniques as means to change inefficient organizational culture/environment, resulting in accountability and planned/managed results.)
  • Analyze the challenges and complexities of administering development programs and projects.
  • Describe and analyze the nature of managerial decision-making process in the context of development management.
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of their management styles through self assessment as a result of taking some leadership competency assessment instrument and problem solving training exercises during the training.Course photographs
  • Demonstrate their abilities to develop prioritized strategies when planning comprehensively for the allocation/use of national, regional, local, and organizational resources.
  • Demonstrate their skills in managing by results and targets, identify blockages to greater productivity, motivate employees toward greater productivity and excellence, resolve conflicts, and succeed in negotiations.