Registration Fees

The registration fee is typically $3,500 per person for one week and up to $5,500 per person for two weeks. There is a fee waiver for the third person registered as a group. This is for a limited period of time. Registration fees cover the following:

  • Instruction
  • Course materials
  • A basic brand new laptop (one per delegate)
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Certificate of course completions
  • Course photographs
  • Cultural programs
  • Miscellaneous program related expenses

Delegates are responsible for the costs of their flight tickets, hotel accommodations, daily feeding and incidental allowances, health/travel insurance, visas, and passport related expenses. All fees are due and payable at least 30 days prior to the commencement date of the course.

Course Assessment

All course assessment is by class participation and attendance. Active participation in all schedules of activities is required from all participants. Only participants who completed at least 70% of course work and assignments will be awarded certificates of course completion at the end of the course. We provide exceptions in emergency cases.

Registration Fee Refund Policy

Registration fees remitted to the bank account of Hetta Institute for International Development are valid for one year. In case the delegate is unable to attend the course due to emergency reasons, the course fee may be adjusted to the next available course for the same participant or another participant nominated by the sponsor and approved by the training director. No registration fee will be refunded on the ground for emergency reasons. However, in case of visa denial, the course fee will be refunded after retaining 30 percent for administration expenses. This will be refunded within 60 days after a formal request for a refund is made to Hetta Institute for International Development. Course fees cannot be refunded after one year. The applicant must find a substitute from his/her organization to use the course fees to attend the course within one year. Deferment of participation may be considered depending on the length of prior notice and the availability of space.

Affordable Hotel Accommodations

Hetta Institute for International Development is a non-residential training provider. However, we can help delegates to make arrangements for hotel accommodations prior to their arrival for the training workshops. Moderate, affordable, and safe hotels are available in the outskirts of New York City, Washington DC, and Phoenix, Arizona. We may be able to help delegates find hotel accommodations with average daily rate of $200 per night for moderate hotels with a single room and one bed on the outskirts of the cities.

Daily Allowance and Per Diem

Depending on the sponsor’s or employer’s policy on travel allowance, candidates may need more than $100.00 per day to cover meals and incidental expenses while attending this course in the United States.

Letter of Invitation

Upon receipt and review of the nomination letter or completed registration form, a provisional letter of invitation, will be emailed via attachment to the eligible applicants. After the course fee is paid, a full letter of invitation will be forwarded to the candidate and a copy of the letter also will be forwarded to the Foreign Consulate General Office in the delegate’s country requesting for the issuance of appropriate visas to the applicant to attend the training. Please note that the provisional invitation letter does not contain detailed information for applying and obtaining visas, it can only be used to seek for funding and remitting registration/course fees. The delegates and their employers or sponsors are primarily responsible for obtaining visas for the delegates to attend the training. Hetta Institute for International Development does not help delegates to obtain visas.