Program Info

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction in most of our training workshops in USA, UK, Canada, and Nigeria is English. French is used as a language of instruction for delegates from French-speaking countries in USA and Canada. In order to derive maximum benefits from the training, participants must be proficient in both written and spoken English or French.

Course/Registration fees and Charges

In the United States and Canada, the promotional course fee for one week course starts from $3,500 USD to $3,950 USD while 2- week course starts from $4,500 USD to $6,000 USD per participant. In the UK, the registration fee is 2500 GBP for one week and 3600 GBP for two weeks. In Nigeria, the registration fee for one week is 250,000 Naira per delegate. For more information, please review the Course Calendar on our website. Course fees cover instruction, field trips, a basic brand new laptop computer to take home for a 2-week course only, course materials, complimentary refreshments, certificate of course completion, course photographs, cultural programs, and miscellaneous program related expenses.

Delegates are responsible for the costs of their flight tickets, daily feeding and incidental allowance, health/travel insurance, visas, and passports related expenses.

All fees are due and payable at least 30 days prior to the commencement date of the training.

Please note that course fees discounts for individual applicants and groups are available for those who qualify.

Course Assessment

All course assessment is by class participation and attendance. Active participation in all schedules of activities is required from all participants. Only participants who completed at least 70 percent course work and assignments would be awarded certificates of course completion at the end of the training except in emergency cases.

Refund Policy

Any course/registration fee remitted to HIDC’s bank account in any of the participating countries is valid for one year. In case the delegate is unable to attend the training due to emergency reasons, the registration fees may be adjusted to the next available course for the same participant or another participant nominated by the sponsor and approved by the training director. No course/registration fee will be refunded on the ground for emergency reasons. However, in the case of visa denial, course fees will be refunded after remaining twenty-five percent for administration expenses. This will be refunded within 60 days after a formal request for a refund is made to Hetta International Development Center. Course fees cannot be refunded after one year. The applicant must find a substitute from his organization to use the course fees to attend the course within one year. Deferment of participation may be considered depending on the length of prior notice and the availability of space.

Hotel Accommodations

Hetta International Development Center is a nonresidential institution. However, we can make hotel reservations for delegates near the training venues provided the requests for hotel accommodations are made 4 to 2 weeks prior to the arrival date of the delegate and the funds for the hotel accommodations are remitted to HIDC at least three weeks to the first day of the class. In New York City and Washington DC, the average daily rate for moderate hotels with a single room and one bed is $150.00 to $220.00 per night. In Toronto, the average hotel rate is $135 USD. Some of the hotels have shared facilities such as bathrooms. For the delegate who prefers a hotel room with more space or amenities or who plans to be accompanied by his/her family member(s) should budget up to $270 per night for such a hotel room in Manhattan, New York City

Per Diem or Daily Allowance

Depending on the sponsor’s or employer’s policy on travel allowance, candidates may need up to $100.00 per day to cover meals and incidental expenses while attending this course in Canada or USA.

Letter of Invitation

Upon receipt and review of a letter of nomination or completed registration form, a provisional letter of invitation, if eligible, will be dispatched to the applicant. After the registration fee is paid, a full letter of invitation and a copy of a letter to the Foreign Consulate General Office in the delegate’s country requesting for the issuance of appropriate visas to the delegate will be dispatched via courier to the delegate. Please note that the provisional invitation letter does not contain detailed information for applying and obtaining travel documents. It can only be used to seek for funding and remitting registration/course fees. The delegates and their employers or sponsors are responsible for obtaining visas for the delegate to attend the training. Hetta International Development Center does not help delegates to obtain visas.

Entry Visas

All delegates/ participants who are not residents or citizens of the country hosting the training workshops are requested to apply for appropriate entry visas at their nearest foreign Consulate General Office which administers visas in their country. Securing entry visas to attend the training is the responsibility of the participants and their sponsors or employers. Please apply early for your appropriate visa because the process may take several weeks before a visa is issued. We strongly advise delegates/participants to have with them their full letters of invitation, copies of their receipts of the payment of their course/registration fees, copy of the letter of invitation from HIDC to the Embassy, clearance and endorsement letters from their employers, evidence of their social and economic ties, and other important documents as may be requested by the foreign Embassy before attending visa interview. Upon receipt of payment, the Training Director at HIDC will send an official letter on behalf of the delegate/applicant to the Visa Section of the foreign Embassy in their country requesting for the issuance of appropriate visa to the applicant to attend the course.

Health/Travel Insurance Card

It is mandatory for every participant in this training program to have a valid travel/health insurance document/card with him/her to cover any emergency or illness costs while participating in the training program at any of our training locations. The travel/health insurance card must be valid for payment transactions during the training. No participant will be allowed to participate in the training program without showing evidence of a valid travel/health insurance coverage.

On-site Training Program

Most of our tailor-made training programs are deliverable on site and can be customized to meet the needs of organizations in their countries. The training can be delivered in the form of coaching, training, workshops, and mentoring. Our onsite sessions are usually from 1 to 3 days. If your institution has any specific training needs and you are interested in our onsite training, please contact our training director in New York. We will put together a training workshop at a time that will be convenient for you. The costs can be negotiated.

Study Tours

The International study tour is a very important tool that can be used by policy makers to promote economic, social and political development in their countries. It is an effective way of sharing development ideas and best practices between the developing and developed countries. Study tours can help government officials, policy makers, legislators, and committee members to see physically and to understand how some countries solve similar problems that afflict their countries. The study tour approach saves money, it is practical, it is exciting, it broadens knowledge, it can enhance participants’ skills in handling or promoting their organizational goals. Also, study tours give an opportunity to the participants to experience local culture and gain international perspectives on best practices. Whether you want to learn, have fun, or share experiences with other cultures, Hetta International Development Center can help you achieve your goals.

Training Methodology

HIDC offers a variety of courses in management and development. Most of the courses focus on current thinking and best practices in development management. The courses are participatory, dynamic, exciting, and practice oriented. They are also intensive and taught at graduate level. Our training methodology stresses hands-on practical methodology more than classroom lecturing. Site visits are arranged to enable participants to evaluate development from another perspective, especially from that of the United States and Canada. Most of our courses are organized in the form of workshops and seminars. Teaching methods such as group discussions, problem-solving techniques, case study analysis, group presentations, sharing of experiences, and role play are used in the training activities.

Customized Study

In addition to its regularly scheduled course presentations, HIDC is experienced in designing customized educational/study tours for any group from government, nonprofit, and private sector that plans to conduct educational visits to any place in the United States. We will handle all the logistics for you including hotel accommodations, health and accident insurance, in-country orientation, arrangements for local flights, and ground transportation. Please contact us if you have a need for this service