Hetta Institute for International Development (HIID) is a USA-based professional educational corporation specializing in human capacity building. The Institute specializes in helping the mid and senior-level executives, particularly those from the developing countries, to upgrade their skills. HIID was founded in 2001 and registered with Arizona Corporation Commission, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Hetta Institute for International Development is also registered with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. HIID also partners with the Center for Executive Training and International Development (CETID), a professional training provider in sustainable development, registered and based in Manhattan, New York City, USA  Since 2001, HIID has provided short term training courses to hundreds of high-ranking government and corporate officials.

Course Description:

The role of customer service is critical in the life of any organization. Depending on the scope and the job description, executive secretaries play important administrative tasks in any organization.

In some cases, the executive secretary represents the face of his/her office, and may also be described as the front line staff. Modern executive secretaries play a more important role than just typing and answering telephones. They handle the general affairs of the customers’ and support senior level executives by performing very important administrative roles, including attending meetings and recording minutes, preparing responses to correspondence and inquiries, handling travel plans, reading reports and correspondence, filing corporate documents, organizing executive meetings, scheduling and keeping appointments, organizing and storing important and sensitive information, preparing executive reports and managing confidential correspondence.

Course Learning Objectives:

This short course aims to enhance the executive secretaries in providing more efficient customer service and helping them to upgrade their professional and managerial skills to achieve their organizational goals.

Course Content:

The course is delivered in a workshop setting facilitated by seasoned professional facilitators with practical experience. Active participation is required and key to the success of the workshops. Other methods used in this course include case studies, presentations, and group projects. Assessment of participants is through effective class participation, group presentation, group project, and class attendance.

The course has some of the following key areas of learning:

  • Understanding organizational structure and business environment
  • Office management skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Effective customer service
  • Best practices
  • Confidentiality
  • Operating and maintaining office equipment
  • Challenges facing executive secretaries
  • Simulated group exercises
  • Case studies
  • Computer training and presentation of the brand new laptop computer to take home
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Group projects
  • Site visits

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to perform the following:
  • Improve customer relations skills to satisfy and retain more customers to his/her organization.
  • Improve his/her competencies in organizing and planning daily office activities for achieving organizational goals.
  • Improve writing and listening skills.
  • Improve etiquette and ability to respond to customer needs.

Learning Methodology:

The course uses PowerPoint presentations to facilitate workshops. The course is also based on a participatory, active learning approach, group discussions, case studies, problem-solving exercises, group presentations, and case studies. Active participation is required and key to the success of the workshops. Assessment is through effective class participation, group presentation, group projects, and class attendance.

Who should attend?

This course will be helpful to individuals including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, and any official who wants to increase their skills in office management.

Course Duration:

2 weeks

Training Locations and Scheduled Dates:

Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Jersey City, New Jersey, USA: Apr 20-30; Aug 17-28, 2022. Washington DC, USA:

Registration Fees:

The course fee is $4700 for two weeks. The fees cover the following: instruction, course materials, one brand new laptop computer to take home, administration expenses, field trips, cultural programs, and miscellaneous program-related expenses.

How to Register:

To participate in this course, the applicant must:
  • 1. Send a completed application form
  • 2. Have a bachelor’s degree/or have relevant work experience at senior management level
  • 3. Be nominated by the head of his/her department
  • 4. Be a senior member of the organization
  • 5. Demonstrate a devoted interest in the course
  • 6. Have proof of English proficiency
  • 7. Demonstrate proof of financial sponsorship for the course